Nespresso® Compatible Capsules

We offer the latest generation of Nespresso compatible capsules to bring you the best experience for your coffees and teas. Our capsules are fully compatible with all Nespresso machines and provide an unrivaled brewing quality and consistency.

Our patented compostable/biodegradable capsules are certified offering a real sustainable solution. The capsuling process for all our capsules is done with the most modern fully-automated filling line. We guarantee that all capsules are manufactured under protective atmosphere using high quality food-grade nitrogen.

100% Certified Home Compost


We provide a unique compostable/biodegradable solution with a certified capsule.  It provides an excellent brewing quality for your coffees, teas and soluble.  Made with a patented bio-composite material, it is tested oxygen barrier to ensure the full freshness of the ingredients.

18 months of shelf-life and six different colours to choose from, to match your packaging fantasies.

photo_2022-10-25 11.56.54
photo_2022-10-25 11.58.15

Premium Aluminium


Elegant full aluminium provide the best level of oxygen barrier with the unique premium image and feel of the original Nespresso® capsules.

Available in 4 different colours.

24 months of shelf-life and four different colours to choose from to match your packaging premium boxes.

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Oxygen Barrier PBT Polymer


Our oxygen barrier capsules are made of a special polymer (polybutylene) that is fully recyclable.
With their unique design, they guarantee a complete compatibility with all Nespresso machines and provide a superior brewing quality for perfect espresso and lungo preparations.

18 months of shelf-life and six different colours to choose from, to match your packaging creativity.

Polypropylen Transparent


The standard polypropylene capsules provide an unrivaled quality in preparation thanks to their unique hydraulic and flexibility of the material.

These capsules are perfect for coffee, tea and soluble (milk, chocolate…) and guarantee a perfect compatibility with all Nespresso machines.

They are transparent to focus on the quality of the ingredient inside.

24 months of shelf-life with external pouch that can be personalized with in-line marking of text and your logo.

NESPRESSO in pouch